America – Land With A Gun Problem

Debating gun control laws is always a touchy subject but is it unreasonable to think that there might be a better way to stop all this needless violence. With the total now at 57 Dead and 216 Injured in the last 28 days of July 2016 it was time to express my opinion.
Deep Routed Problems In American Democracy
When it comes to fixing the situation in the united states, there’s no real easy solution as there are simply a ridiculous amount of obstacles in the way to achieve gun regulation. These problems stem from the corruption of congress, through sponsorship by lobbyists who are mainly the NRA. The NRA currently sponsor 40% of the current members of congress, which add up to 193 U.S. Representatives and 20 U.S. Senators, according to This is real dangerous precedent to democracy as most of the laws being voted on by congress tend to favor the views of their sponsors before the views of the people. This is a completely different story for a different time but I will write a post about this in the future. The second issue was written in 1778,
but if your reading this then im pretty confident you know all about the 2nd amendment so I will hold back on explaining in any great detail. The problem that exists with the second amendment, is that its now a seriously outdated amendment which existed due to the nature of the present culture they were presently living in. This is the main reason I believe there should be a more sensible debate on amending the constitution as we live in a completely different era and the laws should represent the current social and public landscape. Although that’s my opinion I strongly think it shouldn’t be seen as unreasonable to debate if the legality of own guns  should be changed. This could range from the confiscation or a slight amendment within the constitution. A good potential compromise would be to set out to create legislation to restrict the access of guns specifically to dangerous people and would allow the present law to protect the citizens that respect and uphold the law.
“To put this death-toll into perspective, this translates to an average of 9,263 murders per year, or 25 murders per day. When we look at this average death toll in relation to the Sandy Hook Shooting—a nationally shocking tragedy—we see that a Sandy Hook sized tragedy happens every day, yet nobody covers it.” – (
The most ironic thing about the present state of american politics is there desire to protect a law that is savagely allowing people to commit horrific crimes. Their terror policy’s completely overlook the simple factor that the american citizen posses a much higher risk  to national security than there so called terrorist targets abroad, which is why I strongly believe they should focus on problems domestically.
This is my opinion on the subject and I accept that many people will be on the opposing side of the debate but lets have a nice, educated discussion in the comment section below, whats your thoughts? do you want gun control or are you against it? Why? please leave a comment below.

NASA’s Curiosity rover went into safety mode over the weekend

NASA’s Curiosity rover, which has been exploring Mars’s Gale Crater since 2012, entered a precautionary safe mode over the 4th of July weekend. The rover experienced some kind of error on July 2nd, causing most of its activities to come to a halt. Right now, the vehicle is focused solely on staying alive and in good shape, though ground controllers have already established communication with the rover. Now, they are working on getting Curiosity back to full operations.


But before that can happen, NASA has to request more information from Curiosity about what happened. The space agency thinks there may have been a “mismatch between camera software and data-processing software in the main computer.” Hopefully diagnostic information from the vehicle will paint a more detailed picture of the problem.

This isn’t a new scenario for Curiosity. The rover has entered safety mode three times before, all during 2013. The rover successfully recovered from those instances and has since provided valuable science from Mars, such a detecting methane spikes on the planets surface. The rover still has a long life ahead, too. Last week, NASA extended the Curiosity mission for an additional two years.

Posted on — 6/July/2016

Enraged son calls police after father burns his ‘prized’ cannabis plants

An Australian man has called the police on his father for setting fire to his crop of cannabis plants.

Police were called to a home in the Northern Territory on Tuesday evening by an “indignant and enraged” young man who said he’d had a fight with his dad.

“As retribution his father burnt the son’s prized cannabis plants in a bonfire on the property,” said Duty Supt Louise Jorgensen. “The son felt this was wrong and reported the matter to police.”

Officers attended the Humpty Doo residence, 40km south of Darwin, and confirmed the accusation, before questioning whether the young man knew it was against the law to possess cannabis.

“He seemed to believe that the destruction of the same was far worse than the possession in the first instance,” said Jorgensen.

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act the possession and cultivation of cannabis in the Northern Territory is a criminal offence. Police have discretion to issue an on the spot fine for “personal use” of cannabis but it is illegal to grow, supply, sell, possess or consume cannabis.

No charges have been laid against the young man, said Jorgensen. “The evidence has been destroyed. Along with his reputation.”

According to police the son had been fighting with his father since moving from interstate a short time ago. He has now moved in with other relatives.

This story was posted on the — 6/July/2016